About us

We make it easy for you to order tasty, delicious tapas directly to your door. All our products are 100% made in Spain, by Spanish producers, using traditional Spanish methods. Ensuring what you recieve from us is damn tasty.

Here you will find classic and popular Spanish products, that are great to serve tapas style or on a charcutiere board. The products are included in one box and delivered directly to your door.

A little bit about us, the concept was born out of the love for Spanish food. I mean, what’s not to love, juicy ham, sweet ham, smooth and nutty flavoured ham, fresh and lightly salted potato chips, olive oil with a bite, spicy chorizo, sweet chorizo and the list goes on! Not only do we love eating it – we love to share it. And from here the idea was born to share Spain.

In early 2019 we went on the hunt to find Spanish food producers that were keen to spread the love. We visited upcoming cheesemongers in Malaga, chorizo creators, the crunchiest potato chip producers, family run olive farms, fourth generation family run Jamón producers throughout Andalusia; the south coast of Spain.

Visiting each producer and learning about their trade cemented our idea that if we could, we should give it a go. Everybody needs to taste this quality and these products should be shared and enjoyed with your favourite people.

Share the love, share Spain.